AR-experience Employers are looking for new ways to train employees, including using augmented reality via a digital device to enhance learning. For example, employees can learn about different parts of a machine and how it works.

Conduent to Showcase Augmented and Virtual Reality at NRF

Company provides near-term vision for the future of on-the-job training

As the retail industry rapidly changes and adapts to new business models, more retailers are looking for quick, efficient ways to train employees while also improving business performance.

Conduent Incorporated, a digital interactions company, provides digital platforms and business solutions that converge digital and physical shopping to help retailers create a better customer experience. Providing the best customer experience begins with proper employee training. With that in mind, Conduent will be showcasing its latest augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) training experiences at NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show, Jan. 13 – 15 at New York’s Javits Center.

The AR and VR offerings on display at Conduent’s booth (#4161) will include:

  • AR Forklift Training: Safety is of utmost importance in a warehouse environment. AR can be used as an asset for on-the-job training to assist employees in learning how to operate machinery, such as a forklift, more safely. Using a smart device (phone, tablet, etc.), the AR experience provides a 360-degree view of parts of a forklift, how to use it, and quizzes the employee on safety at the end of the experience.
  • VR Grocery Pickup Training: Training employees on store layout and proper picking techniques when shopping on a customer’s behalf can be time consuming. In this experience, employees wear a VR headset to go through a series of on-the-job challenges and scenarios to learn proper methods. They also receive information on preferred store flow, how to make the best choices for customers and techniques for handling product availability changes.

“Employee engagement and workforce skills are an essential element in remaining competitive in retail, but comprehensive training can be time consuming,” said Leo Blankenship, General Manager, Conduent Learning Services. “With intelligent learning technologies, employees are educated on different scenarios, receive immediate feedback, and can develop and improve skills before being placed in real-world situations.”

Conduent’s virtual and augmented learning experiences are designed to empower learners to achieve consistent results for organizations. Not only is on-the-job training more interactive and engaging for employees, but AR and VR technologies capture data that provide insight on individual performance that can be linked back to prove companywide ROI.

Conduent is an end-to-end solution provider able to serve all retailers’ needs, regardless of industry. From talent management, training and benefits to customer relationship management and enterprise management functions, Conduent’s solutions deliver improved employee and customer interactions through experience, innovation and technology.