Yale showcases Virtual Reality Reach Truck Simulator at ProMat 2017

As today’s warehousing operations face demanding delivery expectations for speed and accuracy, maximizing workforce productivity is critical. At ProMat booth #S1003, Yale Materials Handling Corporation offers an interactive demonstration of its reach truck simulator, designed to help screen applicants based on driving skill and improve operator training.
The virtual reality technology can help ease the learning curve and boosts confidence by enabling new operators to conduct exercises on a stationary truck in a low-pressure environment. Compared to starting new operators on fully operational, mobile equipment, this approach can help reduce the risk of damage to lift trucks, other equipment and facility infrastructure as a result of error during the training process. The technology also allows operations to screen applicants prior to hiring, gain a clearer view of capability, and help operations place new hires in roles best suited to their skill sets.
“Attendees come to ProMat to find their competitive edge that enables them to squeeze the highest levels of performance out of their operation,” says Chris Murtha, Brand Manager, Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “Leveraging innovative technology to make the most of limited available labor resources offers a solution designed for the realities of the current labor market that help drive the higher levels of performance today’s warehouses require.”