10 tips to maximize Propane Forklift Safety

Offering a number of key advantages over other fuels, propane has emerged as a leader in the material handling market to power forklifts. All of its benefits aside, facility managers will be the first to tell you that safety trumps productivity no matter the situation.

Heavy machinery, including forklifts, bring with them various potential hazards, but by keeping up-to-date on safety tips and training resources, you and your crew can ensure safe operation day in and day out.

Raise the standard for safe, smooth operation by keeping these safety tips top of mind:

  1. Buckle up.
  2. Inspect propane cylinders prior to operation.
  3. Stop the forklift before raising or lowering forks.
  4. Set parking brake, lower forks, and set controls to neutral when finished.
  5. Store propane cylinders in a secure rack or cage.
  6. Close service valves on propane cylinders when not in use.
  7. Keep loads within the weight capacity of the forklift.
  8. Use caution on grades or ramps.
  9. Ensure the pressure relief valve on the propane cylinder is secure and point away from locating pin.
  10. Slow down and sound the horn at locations where vision is obstructed.

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