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A message from the 2022 Chair of the MHEDA Convention & Exhibitor Showcase


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It is exciting to think that the 2022 MHEDA Convention and Exhibitor Showcase is right around the corner in sunny Orlando Florida!  It is an honor and privilege to be the 2022 MHEDA Convention Chair and we have built one tremendous convention program for our members.  There are so many reasons why you should attend this year’s convention and I want to summarize a few.

If you haven’t noticed, change is everywhere. . .   With this change comes enormous opportunity for “Tomorrow’s Distributor” which of course is this year’s convention theme.  It is critical for the entire industry; distributors, integrators, manufacturers, and OEMs to all network and figure out how to best capitalize on tomorrow – today.  

Take a glance at this year’s agenda of high-level programming.  We have covered every point listed on the 2022 Material Handling Business Trends and then some. We have tweaked the formats to maximize the experience for all levels of the organization.  The DiSC Report results will be analyzed this year during a workshop followed by roundtable discussions.  We even changed the closing party format from banquet style to high-quality food stations to allow for additional interaction and create a new-experience vibe.  

The reason to attend the convention is to Expand Your Network, Educate Your Associates and Elevate Your Bottom Line.  I’m not so sure everyone understands how to properly value all aspects of the convention.  I have more stories of value that I could share than this magazine has pages.  Instead of sharing these, here are some questions for you to consider.  What is the value of building relationships and expanding your network?  What is the value of one great idea that you bring back and implement? What is the value of feeling refreshed and re-energized?  What is the value of learning about industry developments and innovations before your competition?  What is the value of learning how your organization’s financial performance compares to other top performers in the industry?  Where else can you go and extract this much value?  What is the value of gathering In Person, connecting with people, and having a great time?  PRICELESS!

Being able to work alongside the MHEDA staff and participate in the process of building this year’s convention was remarkable.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and together with the staff we have built something special and what we at MHEDA call “The Best Convention Ever!”  I can’t wait to see you there!


John L. Gelsimino

All Lift Service Co. Inc.