BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries to ensure uninterrupted multi-shift warehouse forklift operations in cold temperatures


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One of South Africa’s leading chocolate producers switched to BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries to ensure uninterrupted multi-shift warehouse forklift operations in temperatures ranging from -25℃ to 30℃.

The company profiled here is one of the largest branded food companies in South Africa and has its own manufacturing plant in South Africa.

In 2021, companies are looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and safety. Low-temperature freezer and refrigerator environments can put a lot of stress on lead-acid batteries, resulting in longer charging times and frequent interruptions to daily operations.

The conversion to Jungheinrich trucks powered by Eternity Technologies South Africa, the exclusive distributor of BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries in South Africa, went smoothly and did not require any operational or infrastructure changes. As a result, operations management saw an increase in forklift operating time, a significant reduction in recharging time, and overall battery maintenance time. Workplace safety has also improved.

This time we came to Ferrero’s chocolate factory to visit our customers and investigate the usage of our BSLBATT 51.2V 690Ah forklift battery after one year. The forklift used is a Jungheinrich forklift. The use environment is in cold storage at a low temperature of -25 ℃ to -30 ℃ degrees, and the forklift is replaced every 45 minutes. The battery is in excellent condition after a year of use! No fault codes whatsoever! No problems during use!

More and more companies are looking to use the advantages of lithium-ion batteries in forklift trucks and warehouse equipment for their intralogistics processes. But is this also possible in a temperature-controlled environment, such as cold storage in arctic temperatures? How do lithium-ion batteries maintain performance in cold and fluctuating temperatures?
Why use lithium batteries in cold storage?
● Batteries that retain capacity in cold warehouse temperatures (conventional lead-acid batteries can lose 30–50% of their capacity in cold conditions)

● Electrical equipment that is unaffected by condensation and humidity inside temperature-controlled facilities

● Top safety and hygiene standards

● Increased uptime, reduced costs, greater efficiency, and equipment utilization

● Data-driven management of material handling operations

● A greater share of clean power and overall reduction of energy use in order to meet corporate sustainability goals

Why BSLBATT Lithium Forklift Battery?
● BSLBATT Low-temperature series lithium Batteries maintain 95% of their nominal capacity and demonstrate stable performance in a cooler or freezer at -25° to +30°C

● All BSLBATT Low-temperature series Lithium Batteries are sealed against condensation; all other battery series can be upgraded with a sealed package

● Li-ion batteries are a safe, non-toxic power source with zero emission of pollutants

● Single-battery operation through multiple shifts, zero daily maintenance, no battery room

● BSLBATT advanced BMS provides data on each lift truck battery charging event, energy throughput and much more

● Lithium batteries use up to 30% less electricity than lead-acid batteries due to better energy conversion

● Absolutely secure system with high availability

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