April 2023 MOM-Angelika Mangino-Clean Harbors 1200×628 Angelika Mangino

Women In Trucking Association announces its April 2023 Member of the Month

The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has announced Angelika Mangino as its April 2023 Member of the Month. Mangino is the culture and engagement manager at Clean Harbors, North America’s leading provider of environmental and industrial services.

Originally from a small farming community in Ohio, surrounded by acres of farmland and farming equipment, Mangino, a dedicated champion for women in her industry, gained a new meaning for the word “trucks.” Unbeknown to her at the time, Mangino’s professional career would someday grow into working for the largest North American hazardous waste and environmental services company.

As a lead employee engagement ambassador of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Mangino celebrates drivers across the company and is an active participant in all seven employee resource groups at Clean Harbors. Last year, at the 2022 Women In Trucking Accelerate! Conference & Expo, Angelika had the honor of presenting the first female truck wrap to Cathy Spencer on behalf of Clean Harbor’s Employee Resource Group, Women Advancing our Values in Environmental Services (WAVES).

Additionally, she leads and manages the company’s Commercial Driver’s License Sponsorship Program and supported more than 200 employees in receiving their CDL in 2022.

“Employee engagement can only be achieved through the active participation of our employees,” said Mangino. “They are the change we want to see and without them, diversity and inclusion wouldn’t exist.”

A mentor and advocate, Mangino continues to champion and promote change across the industry for females by being an active member of the Women In Trucking Association and company liaison. Her leadership and dedication to females across the transportation and logistics industry is evident through her ongoing efforts and work.

“Continue to strive for change within our industry and aim to improve the perspectives of females behind the wheel of a truck,” said Mangino. “In this industry, we still believe it’s all about males and that is not the case. We are making strides and seeing change, as the percentage of females in the transportation and logistics industry increases each year.”