TVH hosts an open house in Mexico

TVH Mexico moved to a new, larger building in October of 2017. Since moving to the new location, which is about half a mile away from the old building, they increased their warehouse space by 33,000 square feet. The additional space allows for us to stock about 37% more SKUs compared to the old facility, giving the customers a better selection of product and ensuring more will be on hand to ship same day.

The Will Call area has been completely updated, the new facility also has a large training room, an onsite gym, meeting room, as well as a spacious lunchroom. Recently, TVH welcomed customers to the new location in San Martin Obispo, Mexico for an open house event on March 22, 2018. In total, 230 customers from 128 different companies attended.

A few of the highlights from the event included tours of the 120,000 square foot warehouse, which currently stocks over 21,000 SKU’s but can hold up to 35,000 more, as well as a tour of the 10,000 square foot office space. A 43” TV, Bose Speakers and an Apple iPad were given away as raffle prizes. Guests were also treated to food and drinks, given IRMN demonstrations and were able to interact with product displays.

“It was a great time and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I think the customers had a good time meeting our staff and seeing our new facility. We are looking forward to continuing our relationships with our customers and serving their business needs as we continue to grow,” said Antonio Velez.