Santana Equipment Trading Company promotes marketing manager

Santana Equipment Trading Company promotes Alex Stuckey as their new marketing manager following the company’s recent expansion to Phoenix. Alex was selected from the Santana Equipment Trading Company’s Management Trainee Program for recent college graduates. Alex’s Marketing degree has played a huge role in the Social Media Marketing evolution that Santana Equipment Trading Company has recently undertaken. Alex has also taken his fresh and creative video expertise to develop an ongoing series of Youtube videos. These videos showcase Santana’s humorous and innovative side. Customers thoroughly enjoy the mini movies which displays the company’s fun, playful and trendy atmosphere.  Santana Equipment Trading Company is continuing to promote individuals from within the company and hire new employees for long term growth. The company recently expanded operations to Phoenix and is researching other locations around the country to open up new warehouse and office space. The past year has been very good for the company as they continue to strategically expand operations, launch marketing promotions, and target the Latin American community.  The Santana Equipment Trading Company is strategically re-engineering their business model to prepare for the economy to turnaround and promote their best talented employees for newly created management positions.  The corporate culture promotes teamwork and new ideas as each employee is encouraged to develop new business strategies to improve company operations. One of the strategic planning improvements created by Santana Equipment Trading Company for the employees is to share in the company’s future success.  Eric Davidson, President and founder of Santana Equipment Trading Company, notes “Alex is the ideal candidate for the marketing position as he was hired and trained through our sales, marketing, and internal management programs we provide for new hires and interns.” Eric also states, “It so very cost-effective for the company to bring in our own talent and train them on our business philosophies and let them develop into their own successful career minded individual.” This keeps our current employees to mentor new employees coming through the system.