Peak Technologies Australia becomes Certified Zebra Industrial Machine Vision Systems Integrator

Peak Technologies has announced a significant milestone, becoming a certified Zebra Technologies partner in Australia, delivering fixed industrial scanning solutions and machine vision integration.

As industries evolve towards automation and efficiency, the demand for advanced scanning solutions and machine vision technology intensifies. With this partnership, Peak Technologies demonstrates its commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of Australian businesses by offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to improve productivity, accuracy, and operational efficiency.

Through this strategic partnership, Peak Technologies aims to leverage Zebra Technologies’ extensive portfolio of industrial-grade scanning solutions and machine vision technologies to deliver comprehensive, tailored solutions to businesses across various sectors in Australia.

Zebra’s suite of fixed industrial scanners and machine vision smart cameras offers a wide range of capabilities, beginning with simple track-and-trace scanning solutions to immediately identify products, packages, pallets and verify barcodes moving down conveyor lines. More complex machine vision imaging applications include 3D sensors and inspection applications, deep learning image acquisition, training and deployment, high-speed process video recording, and more.

Peter Brogle

Peter Brogle, Peak Technologies’ APAC sales director, commented: “We are very proud to be recognized as a Certified Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision System Integrator. It is another excellent stride forward in our global partnership with Zebra. We now look forward to replicating the success we have had in Europe and North America here in Australia.”

“We’re excited to have Peak Technologies on board in Australia, knowing they have been one of our most successful global partners,” added George Lianos, Zebra channel account manager. “We look forward to working together with the team at Peak locally.”

Peak Technologies is the go-to source for Zebra machine vision integration, with highly-trained and certified systems engineers that boast a wealth of expertise. With proof-of-concept engineering, testing, custom configurations, preconfigured cameras, AI-driven analytics and more, Peak provides custom end-to-end solutions that meet the unique business needs of each customer it serves.