hani-almoghrabi-web-rgb NORD Product Manager for Industrial Drives, Hani Almoghrabi, pictured with the award for his contributions to the published AGMA document on thermal capacity of gear reducers.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Product Manager for MAXXDRIVE Industrial Drives receives AGMA Award

This Fall, the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) presented various awards during the 2023 Fall Technical Meeting (FTM) Awards Luncheon in Detroit, Michigan. Along with the Chairperson’s Award, awards were presented to AGMA technical committee members who have published a document within the last year. Hani Almoghrabi, Product Manager for MAXXDRIVE Industrial Gear Units at NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, was recognized for his contribution toward publishing AGMA 947-A23, Gear Reducers –Thermal Capacity. Ten other members of the AGMA Drives for Industrial Applications Committee also accepted awards for their work on the piece.

“It was a pleasure working alongside my colleagues on the AGMA Enclosed Gear Committee to publish the AGMA 947-A23 Gear Reducers-Thermal Capacity information sheet,” Almoghrabi stated “we hope it will become an informative resource for the gear industry.”

The published document utilizes an analytical heat balance model as a means of calculating the thermal transmittable power of a gear unit lubricated with mineral oil. The calculation is based on the standard conditions of 25°C (77°F) maximum ambient temperature and 95°C (203°F) maximum oil sump temperature in a large indoor space but also includes modifiers for calculation in other conditions. The first draft of AGMA 947-A23 was created in April 2019 and approved by the Technical Division Executive Committee in June 2023.