MODEX 2018 attendees explore how to “Make Their Supply Chain FUTUREPROOF” with CHEP

At MODEX 2018, the focus is on the future, and discovering what steps businesses can take today to “Make their Supply Chain FUTUREPROOF.” It’s a theme that resonates at CHEP, where ISTA-certified engineers at CHEP’s Innovation Center conduct supply chain analyses, including testing and validation to assess product damage, primary and secondary packaging performance, and unit load performance during shipping and handling. This information is used to develop solutions that increase efficiency, save money and reduce environmental impact.

“The challenges our customers face are wide-ranging, from improving unit load efficiency to improving availability on retail shelves,” said Vishal Patell, vice president of marketing and customer solutions, CHEP. “Using the latest technology, our Innovation Center has conducted thousands of tests for more than 100 companies, simulating real-world conditions and helping to build the modern consumer goods supply chain we know today.”

Patell says CHEP’s collaborative approach has helped customers generate more than $60 million in value over the past two years, while supporting sustainability with such benefits as the elimination of 4 million empty truck miles.

As one CPG manufacturing customer recently told CHEP, “Our company places a premium on responsible solutions that result in a better product and that save time and money. The CHEP solutions team and the expert engineers at the CHEP Innovation Center provided the data we needed to validate a good idea. Their expertise really is invaluable to our company.”

At its MODEX 2018 booth, CHEP will feature its award-winning carbon neutral half pallet; case studies, such as a reverse logistics success story with Walmart Canada; the CHEP-TPA unsaleables reduction report, including a toolkit and resources to help trading partners review their supply chains and identify and implement effective unsaleables reduction strategies; and information on CHEP’s state-of-the-art Innovation Center.

“CHEP and our customers set a high bar when it comes to efficiency and sustainability in the global supply chain,” said Patell. “Together, we are turning our shared vision into reality.”