Photo J Pantaleao Jose Pantaleao

Kivnon expands leadership team to Leverage UK growth

Kivnon, a global provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automated guided vehicles has appointed a new UK country manager and a sales director to help meet growing product demand in the United Kingdom. Jose Pantaleao will be the new UK Country Manager and Meir Ziskin will be the Sales Manager.

Jose Pantaleao, who has been Kivnon’s France country manager since May 2020, will also manage the Kivnon UK subsidiary that provides AGV/AMR vehicles and related maintenance services to the UK. He will provide project management, sales, purchasing, and technical services to support the increasing demand for Kivnon solutions in the UK and France.

Mr. Pantaleao brings many years of global automation expertise gained in logistics, e-commerce, automotive, goods-to-persons, and PLC programming positions, including projects in China, Spain, India, and Denmark.

Meir Ziskin headshot

Meir Ziskin

Meir Ziskin will be Kivnon’s new UK Sales Manager. He is an accomplished sales and business development professional with more than ten years of experience in the logistics and automation industries. He has a proven track record of driving business growth and establishing solid relationships with clients in various sectors, including automotive, e-commerce, and pharmaceuticals. Before joining Kivnon, Mr. Ziskin held multiple sales roles at companies such as K2 Automation and Su-Pad in Israel for Universal Robots and MiR.

“Global digital transformation is intensifying interest in our AGV and AMR technologies and the UK has been one of our fastest-growing regions. We are pleased to announce that Jose and Meir are joining Kivnon to help us take full advantage of these emerging opportunities. We are already very familiar with Jose’s leadership talents through his successful management of our business and France and Meir comes to us with stellar experience in industrial automation sales management and business development,” said Thierry Delmas, Managing Director at Kivnon.