KION Group donates over half a million Euros to the German Red Cross for the Earthquake Victims in Türkiye and Syria

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  • The Intralogistics group supports the German Red Cross’ efforts in the earthquake area
  • Employees donate more than €280,000 to the German Red Cross, the KION Executive Board doubles the sum
  • Paid time off for KION Group employees who wish to volunteer in humanitarian aid operations in Türkiye and Syria

Following the devastating earthquake on the Turkish-Syrian border in February this year, the KION Group is donating almost 600,000 euros to support relief workers and thereby help earthquake victims.

“We’re still deeply saddened by the tragedy that has struck Türkiye and Syria and want to play our part by supporting aid operations in the long term,” said Rob Smith, CEO of KION GROUP AG. “We’re immensely grateful to our employees who have generously donated to help victims of the earthquake in recent weeks, and we are more than happy to show our solidarity by doubling the amount donated by employees.”

KION employees from all over the world donated as part of a Group-wide campaign to raise money for the German Red Cross. The aid organization has been actively helping to rescue, care for and house those in need in the earthquake zone in Türkiye and Syria since the disaster struck. In addition to this, colleagues in Germany were also able to convert their working time credits (overtime, etc.) into donations. All time credits (gross) have been donated to the Red Cross, as the KION Group has covered all the tax and social security contributions due in full. Furthermore, employees who have a personal connection to the crisis region and who wanted to assist with the humanitarian aid operations on the ground—independently from the German Red Cross—were able to do so with full pay.

A total of around €285,550 was raised from February to April through monetary and time credit donations. The KION Executive Board will now double this amount, bringing it up to €571,100, as an additional contribution to the reconstruction efforts in the region. CEO Rob Smith continues: “We would like to extend our thanks to the professional and volunteer relief workers on the ground who continue with their tireless work to overcome the devastating effects of this natural disaster. It will take years for the region to be rebuilt.”

The donations received by the German Red Cross are being used to provide those affected by the earthquake with the vital support they need, whether it be accommodation, food, water, medicine, or psychological support.

Further information on how you can support those affected by the earthquake can be found on the German Red Cross website at