Hoist Liftruck awarded U.S. Government contract

The U.S. Department of Defense announced Hoist Liftruck has been awarded a maximum $925,000,000 contract for commercial type material handling equipment. The contract is a five year, fixed-price with an economic price adjustment, requirements contract. The departments of the United States Military using the services are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps. and federal civilian agencies. Hoist Liftruck is proud to supply the U.S. Government and our Armed Forces with our heavy-duty high capacity forklifts and container handlers, ranging in capacity from 15,000 lbs. to more than 115,000 lbs. (7- 50+ tons). With our diverse product mix, Hoist is able to supply the U.S Department of Defense with a consistently reliable product that serves a variety of applications. In addition, Hoist has worked diligently to establish a worldwide dealer network that is capable of supporting our customers globally. Centrally located in the United States, Hoist Liftruck is situated on 35 acres where more than 75% of the material on each vehicle is made in-house. The remaining material and components are supplied by reputable companies within a 200 mile radius of the factory, making each vehicle 100% made in the USA.