Herc Rentals acquire MAC Equipment

Herc Rentals has acquired  MAC Equipment in Albany, NY from Rob and Janice Miller.

MAC Equipment was founded in 2001 by Rob Miller who rented aerial, forklifts, and telehandlers. Janice Miller joined the business in 2005.

Janice Miller headshot

Janice Miller

Janice Miller, Owner and Managing Member of MAC Equipment, LLC was elected President of the Northeastern Subcontractors Association (NESCA) for the 2021-2022 term. As of July 1, Janice has been serving as the 49th president of the association. Following several years of service on NESCA’s Board of Directors, she previously served as NESCA’s vice president and treasurer.

In 2012 Janice became the majority owner of MAC Equipment, a certified WBE and DBE in New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont as well as a WBE in New York City, the Port Authority, and the City of Albany.