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Global Shop Solutions Ilya Dynkin reaches 25-year milestone

Working at the same company for 25 years is a rare occurrence these days. Global Shop Solutions has announced the latest addition to the Quarter Century Club, Ilya Dynkin, VP of Sales.

When Dynkin joined Global Shop Solutions early in his career, he had no experience with ERP or manufacturing software. What he did have was enthusiasm, motivation, and the ability to find and win new opportunities, bringing in new customers. The love and care he shows to each person he works with isn’t just in the sale – it’s in the long-term relationships he builds.

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Dusty Alexander

“We knew from the start we had a special person in Ilya because of the way he connects with manufacturers on a personal basis, understands their problems, and demonstrates how ERP software can correct them,” says Dusty Alexander, President and CEO of Global Shop Solutions. “He truly enjoys his work, and his spirit and enthusiasm for helping our customers simplify their manufacturing rubs off on all who work with him.”

Dynkin prides himself on demonstrating how ERP software can help transform manufacturing companies and improve their processes. What he finds most rewarding is when customers have enough faith in him and trust in the company to want to become a lifetime partner.

“At Global Shop Solutions our customers are buying software that will run their entire company from quote to cash, and I want to make sure they understand the importance of partnering with the right company,” says Dynkin. “Telling them who we are, the type of relationship they can expect, and the lifelong partner we want to be is an integral part of the process.”

Dynkin believes that when a company shows loyalty to its employees, values and mission, it will keep its people engaged and performing their best.

“I am proud of the growth Global Shop Solutions has achieved, but even more so the fact that we haven’t become corporatized,” says Dynkin. “The company’s principles and family atmosphere haven’t changed since I first came here 25 years ago. It continues to be a place where we support each other and can have open conversations with anyone, anytime. The family ownership truly cares about the people who work here, and always put them at the front of their decision-making process.”

“I love the work,” adds Dynkin. “It’s gratifying to see the impact Global Shop Solutions has on our customers’ businesses, and I feel like I have a measurable impact on our company.”