Cimcorp honored for proactive safety culture

 Cimcorp has been awarded the highest occupational safety level classification in the Vision Zero Forum, led by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The Vision Zero Forum is a network of workplaces aimed at motivating and encouraging companies to strive towards a high level of occupational safety, occupational health and well-being at work. This accomplishment highlights Cimcorp’s dedication to workplace safety, and also reflects its commitment to fostering a culture where safety is a continuous journey, not merely a goal.

With “Caring” one of its core company values, Cimcorp is committed to the well-being of its employees, partners, and customers. Cimcorp strives to provide healthy working conditions with the target of zero work-related injuries in all activities. Taking a preventative approach to safety, Cimcorp focuses on identifying and controlling risks and continuously developing the safety of its operations and products.

Cimcorp’s journey towards zero accidents is driven by both collective effort and individual dedication. Every employee is encouraged to consider the safest way to complete each task before starting, fostering a reflective practice that supports a safe workplace. This mindset encourages each individual to care for their own safety, as well as the safety of others.

Tero Peltomäki, CEO of Cimcorp Group

Tero Peltomäki, CEO of Cimcorp Group

“By developing our employee safety, we’re investing in the future,” said Tero Peltomäki, CEO, Cimcorp. “Each step taken towards safety is a step towards our shared success. When we care for each other’s safety as if it were our own, we embody the essence of our safety philosophy.”

Cimcorp’s proactive approach to safety does more than prevent accidents; it builds trust and satisfaction among employees and customers. The company’s core value of reliability is evident in its operations, from fulfilling promises to being a trustworthy partner for both customers and staff. Cimcorp’s efforts to elevate workplace safety standards carry into installation sites and thorough risk assessments. Every reported safety observation is a step towards a safer, more efficient workplace and reflects continuous improvement.