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Autoquip celebrates 75th Anniversary

Autoquip Corporation is celebrating its 75th anniversary of providing innovative lifting solutions to the material handling industry.  The company was originally founded in Chicago in 1947 to provide hydraulic material handling lifts for manufacturing applications.  It relocated to its current home in Guthrie, Oklahoma in 1974, and has redefined the industry with an innovative array of lifting solutions and advanced control systems.

“The company has come a long way since its founding in 1947,” said Autoquip General Manager Chris Kuehni, “It was started in Chicago to provide basic hydraulic material handling lifts, and today we specialize in developing ‘best-in-class’ custom solutions for complex manufacturing and distribution applications.”

Today Autoquip is much more than a standard lift company. It designs premium custom solutions to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to perform or combine multiple tasks of lifting, tilting, turning, or transporting parts or materials.  All are controlled by advanced, custom programmable control systems that are reliable, easy to use, and monitor.

Autoquip is the established leader in the design and manufacture of custom hydraulic and mechanical lifting equipment for high-capacity applications, precision positioning, process automation, conveyance, high vertical travel multi-level transport, complex system integration, and control technologies.

It designs and builds material handling solutions for some of the largest companies in the U.S. including Amazon, Boeing, Pratt Whitney, FedEx, Space X, Blue Origin, and CVS.

“75 years is a milestone for not only the company but for our customers, suppliers, and employees as well. They have provided the foundation that positioned us to move past the standard offerings of our traditional competitors to provide truly innovative solutions that improve productivity and efficiency.”

Autoquip is owned by Miner Enterprises, a family company that is solidly focused on the future as demonstrated by its recent acquisition of OSCO Controls and its 2009 acquisition of American Lifts.  That blended two of the strongest brands of material handling equipment together as a beacon for “Made-in-America” innovation and quality.  Autoquip is a longtime member of both MHI and MHEDA trade groups and has provided industry stewardship to improve guidelines and best practices to continually move the material handling industry forward.