Webasto Charging Systems expands access to ProCore Edge 10 Bay Industrial Charger

 PosiCharge, the industrial charging division of Webasto Charging Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Webasto Group, its divestment of the charging business to Transom Capital Group, has announced the expansion of its PosiCharge ProCore Edge™ line with the introduction of the ProCore Edge 10 Bay. Formerly reserved for select key customers, the ProCore Edge 10 Bay is now available to all Material Handling Equipment customers and other interested parties.

The ProCore Edge 10 Bay seamlessly integrates into Webasto Charging Systems’ intelligent charging solutions, catering to various industrial material handling batteries of different types, brands, voltages, and sizes. Leveraging proven technology from the ProCore line, the Edge series features intelligent controls, a universal board, and proprietary algorithms for optimal lead acid and lithium battery performance.

Tailored to meet the charging demands of large-scale operations, the ProCore Edge 10 Bay is an ideal solution for facilities that require continuous charging. It is particularly suitable for environments that operate around the clock or have double shifts. This innovative charging system optimizes operations, enhances productivity, and ensures workplace safety. It achieves this by freeing up warehouse space, reducing personnel requirements, and eliminating the need for battery rooms. The ProCore Edge 10 Bay is equipped with wireless BMID, delivering real-time battery data, and ensuring safe and efficient charging. It is a cost-effective solution that offers maximum ROI and strengthens Webasto Charging Systems’ presence in conventional, opportunity, and fast charge sectors. The ProCore Edge 10 Bay is available for immediate shipping, making it an attractive option for businesses that require quick and reliable charging solutions.

The ProCore Edge’s intelligent system offers multi-voltage flexibility and seamless adaptability to any battery chemistry, and a user-friendly interface supports it. Utilizing the same innovative app as the original ProCore series, operators can easily program, download data, and manage their fleet from smartphones. Remote setup, troubleshooting, and real-time monitoring capabilities ensure efficient charging management from any location.