UL labels reduce product approval costs

Custom printed labels that are attractive, durable, and meet UL, ETL, TÜV, CE, and CSA requirements for components and end products are available from Nameplates For Industry, Inc. of New Bedford, Massachusetts. NFi UL labels allow designers and manufacturers to reduce approval costs and can incorporate any graphic images, serial numbers and bar codes.  Tested by UL under category PGDQ (UL-969 labels; NFi MH12578), these UL approved nameplates are completely recognized label constructions for pressure-sensitive systems per UL-969, not simply the raw material. Attractive, durable and consistent, NFi’s UL approved capabilities include a polycarbonate UL sticker that can be digitally printed with bar codes for outdoor use and a printed adhesive system for economical zoned adhesive applications on custom UL approved graphic overlays. NFi UL, ETL, TÜV, CE and CSA approved labels are priced according to construction and quantity. Samples are available upon request.