TVH introduces dual color strobes

TVH in the Americas (TVH), provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry is excited to introduce the new dual color strobes in the ML2 LED, ML5 LED and ML55 LED series. These strobes come in four different color combinations, amber/blue, amber/clear, amber/red and blue/red. The dual color option is the perfect solution for being able to alert other workers of the forklift’s action. If the forklift is moving, the strobe will flash one color. When the forklift is stopped and the forks are lifting, the strobe will flash the other color indicating that the forklift is in use and not just parked.

Each strobe series is rated 12-80VDC, they all have six LEDs per head, three of each color, and they all come with a two-year warranty. The ML2 series measuring 3.63” high and ML55 series measuring 3.14” high are low profile strobes while the ML5 is a high profile strobe measuring 5.16” high. Each series of the dual color strobe is a permanent mount style and has a polycarbonate plastic lens.