Stainless steel shaft collars, mounting devices for clean environments

A full line of stainless steel shaft collars, couplings, and flange mounts designed for environments exposed to harsh chemicals and corrosives is available from Stafford Manufacturing Corp. of Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Stafford Stainless Steel Shaft Collars & Mounting Devices are manufactured from 303 or 316 SST and include 18-8 or 316 SST fasteners for use in harsh environments where there is frequent exposure to chemicals and corrosives.  Ideally suited for building and maintaining equipment used in cleanrooms and laboratories, they include shaft collars for use as stops, spacers, and mounting devices, flange mounts, and shaft couplings for drive systems.

Available in a wide range of sizes from 1/4” I.D. up, Stafford Stainless Steel Shaft Collars are available in one- and two-piece and hinged clamp styles with smooth bores.  A Grip & Go™ handle can convert a standard shaft collar into a rapidly adjustable locating device.  Accu-Flange™ Collars are offered for component mounting, and rigid couplings come in one-, two-, and three-piece styles with straight- or stepped bores.