Stainless steel scale provides accurate, reliable and sanitary weighing

Fairbanks Scales Inc., provider of weighing technology, highlights the benefits of its stainless steel bench scales for applications within the food and beverage industry. A wide variety of instrumentation, pillars and platforms is available, which all feature a wash down stainless steel design for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

The QuickSilver stainless steel platform was designed with input and guidance from the AMI Sanitary Design Task Force (SDTF), and is ideal for sanitary food and beverage applications. Fairbanks Scales’ stainless bench scales are designed to the Scale Manufacturers Association (SMA) standards for shock and overload protection, featuring a low profile shock resistant base. These features ensure that the scales will provide years of accurate, reliable and sanitary weighing.

They are designed for light capacity, high-speed weighing operations—perfect as a checkweighing system or for blending and batching applications.