Slamcore Aware brings the power of vision to Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Slamcore launches Visual Intelligence Localization solution for manually driven intralogistics vehicles at Modex


  • Slamcore Aware combines the power of the Slamcore SDK with industrial-grade hardware
  • Simple and quick to commission, scales with the fleet irrespective of the size of the facility to deliver more accurate and robust spatial data for RTLS
  • Visual Spatial Intelligence identifies people and other vehicles for enhanced safety and efficiency

 Slamcore, a visual-spatial intelligence, launches Slamcore Aware. This easy-to-commission hardware and software solution improves the accuracy, robustness, and scalability of 3D localization data for tracking intralogistics vehicles. Collecting and processing visual data, Slamcore Aware provides rich, real-time information on the exact position and orientation of manually driven vehicles. Unlike existing solutions, Slamcore Aware scales easily across large and complex, ever-changing industrial and warehouse sites.

Slamcore Aware combines the power of the Slamcore SDK with industrial-grade hardware, providing an all-in-one solution for fast installation on intralogistics vehicles and seamless integration with new and existing Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). Incorporating Slamcore’s advanced AI, Slamcore Aware perceives and classifies people and other vehicles. RTLS applications can use this enhanced data to significantly improve the efficiency and safety of operations.

Owen Nicholson headshot

Owen Nicholson

Commenting on the new product, Owen Nicholson, CEO of Slamcore, said: “Prospective customers tell us that they are looking for a fast-to-deploy and scalable method that will provide the location data they desperately need to optimize warehouse and factory intralogistics for speed and safety. Slamcore Aware marks a significant leap forward in intralogistics management bringing the power of visual-spatial awareness to almost any vehicle in a way that is scalable and can cope with the highly dynamic and complex environments inside today’s factories and warehouses.”

See us at MODEX 2024 at booth #A13918