Signode Launches New Automation Solutions at MODEX

Signode, a global manufacturer of a broad range of automated packaging equipment, tools, consumables, packaging automation, and warehouse automation solutions, will present a wide array of new automation advancements from Booth 2013 at MODEX (Atlanta, Georgia World Congress Center, March 28-31).

“Signode takes a holistic and pragmatic approach to solving our customers’ automation needs.  Each customer has a different context – be it labor, equipment, space or some other constraint.  We always seek to tailor a solution that delivers breakthrough performance and a quick payback while seamlessly integrating with existing systems and infrastructure.  Integral to this is an unparalleled global team of professionals that ensure our customers receive timely service and support anywhere in the world,” said Byron J. Paul, Group President, Signode.

Signode’s approach delivers optimal outcomes for its customers, protecting and optimizing their automation investments. The organization’s newest offerings are the result of listening to and understanding the needs of its customers to achieve their productivity, throughput, and product-protection requirements

Highlights at MODEX:

Enhanced Portfolio of Automation Solutions

The newly enhanced cart-based StorFast ASRS system now operates at twice the speed, with improved control for acceleration and deceleration of the robotic carts. In addition, StorFast components can now handle pallets weighing up to 4,400 pounds and cold environment applications down to minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

The innovative cart-based solution consists of powered carts and lifts that automatically move pallets in and out of storage positions in the warehouse. Signode has the capacity to design a complete operating system, with the StorFast ASRS system at its core, that manages the location of every pallet for optimal pallet flow and easily integrates with customers’ Enterprise Resource Planning, Order Fulfillment, and Warehouse Management Systems.

The Signode automation portfolio has also expanded to include the Simplimatic brand of advanced robotics and vision systems, autonomous mobile robots, and a vast line of conveyors.

New Multi FleX1 Electric Stretch Hood Technology

The Multi FleX1 Electric is the latest addition to Signode’s popular Lachenmeier brand of stretch hooders used around the globe for load containment. The newest offering features an electrically operated stretch frame and film handling system. Its overall smaller footprint means that the Multi FleX1 Electric can also maximize valuable production floor space and be placed closer to a facility’s perimeter.

New LDX-RTB 4.0 Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer
With belt speeds up to 155 feet per minute, the LDX-RTB 4.0 features patented technology that enables processing of void-filled and over-stuffed cases with a pneumatic top cartridge. Routine maintenance is simplified with easy access to motors, electrical components, and belts. The robust design, featuring case-hardened rollers and nonmechanical side rail actuation, delivers long-performance and durability in the most demanding applications.

BXT3 Plastic Strapping Tool

Boasting a lightweight and balanced design, the drop, dust and moisture-resistant tool features a full-touch, three-color display for intelligent operation.  The BXT3 is designed for all types of strapping applications, including heavy-duty products requiring high tension force and extreme environmental conditions, as well as sensitive applications requiring fine tension control.

With quicker and simpler operation than comparable tools, the BXT3 can be used for various recurring packaged goods with different setting requirements.  The tool is also equipped with the ability to switch between standard and favorite settings, including tension force, welding time, and operating mode.

“Automation needs are going to vary by company size and industry segment, but the overall drivers of automation continue to exert pressure for increased efficiency, productivity, and product protection,” said Mike Stein, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, Signode. “The growth of e-commerce really accelerates the need for automated solutions, even for the smaller or more regional businesses.”

Stein will be leading an educational session on March 29 from 1:45 to 2:30 p.m. Entitled Why Small and Mid-Size Manufacturers and DCs Can and Should Automate, it will be held at the Micro-Fulfillment area on the MODEX show floor. Stein will present on the benefits of automation, including how it can help manufacturers address challenges with labor, expanding throughput requirements, and growth in e-commerce.

Companies of all sizes benefit from Signode’s Packaging Plus Reliability Services Team.  Employing more than 500 field service engineers and technicians around the world, they have the expertise provided by ongoing training and the latest technology tools to keep them efficient, effective, and engaged on behalf of the organization’s customers. As in the holistic approach to devising automation solutions, the Packaging Plus Reliability Services Team engages with customers to develop preventive, protective, and comprehensive care using a specially designed Performance Assessment Report.

In addition to its global support capabilities, the organization creates added value with Signode’s Packaging Lab, the industry’s marquee transit packaging testing facility.  Replicating real-world transit packaging conditions to predict and adjust load containment practices enables the delivery of customized and cost-effective solutions. Signode’s Packaging Lab includes Random Vibration Simulation, Rotary Motion Vibration, and Incline Impact machines; Rough Handling, Compression, and Drop tests; a Conditioning Chamber; and is certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).

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