GCI testing carbon fiber tubes

Revolutionizing industrial torque reaction solutions with carbon fiber

GCI Engineered Solutions is thrilled to unveil the groundbreaking carbon fiber torque tube, a pioneering advancement in industrial torque reaction technology. This innovative torque tube, crafted from carbon fiber, is the first of its kind capable of reacting both vertical and horizontal torque forces.

Traditionally, torque tubes, also known as torque reaction tubes, have been vital components in manufacturing, offering versatility and coverage with overhead bridge cranes. However, the industry has long sought more efficient solutions to mitigate torque forces and alleviate operator fatigue. Conventional steel shafts, while functional, often pose ergonomic issues due to their weight, leading to discomfort and decreased productivity.

Responding to these challenges, GCI has developed the carbon fiber torque tube, a lightweight composite solution weighing approximately one-third of its steel
counterparts. This breakthrough material promises enhanced ergonomics and ease of use for operators.

Research, design, and testing

GCI’s engineering team spent countless hours testing different versions of carbon fiber tubes for torque reaction. With every limitation revealed from a test, an improvement was made to the new design. Eventually, a version was created that withstood all of the exploratory tests.

To prepare the new carbon fiber torque for the market, extensive testing has been conducted to ensure performance and durability. Two key tests were undertaken: a durability test to examine fatigue and a max load test to determine the torque tube’s breaking point.

The durability test involved running the tube through 100,000 vertical torque cycles, 50,000 horizontal torque cycles, and 50,000 cycles with a 30 lbs offset load. For the max load test, the applied load of a torque tool was continuously increased until the point of failure was reached, providing valuable insights into the torque tube’s true maximum capacity.

How can you use a carbon fiber torque tube?

The carbon fiber torque tube is the ideal solution for low torque application and applications that require torque tools to reach broad areas. Its compatibility with overhead bridge and jib crane systems allows for seamless integration and movement within work cells. The carbon fiber torque tube outshines traditional options and helps manufacturers improve the safety and ergonomics of repetitive processes.

We are excited to be at the forefront of this groundbreaking new torque reaction technology, and we can’t wait to see how it will be implemented into your assembly
lines. At GCI Engineered Solutions, we always aim to do better for our clients and partners; this new product is no exception.