Push-pull attachment saves time while offering versatility

The new ROLLERFORKS®/Push-Pull from Meijer Handling Solutions is nearly twice as fast as conventional push-pulls and offers versatility for normal pallet handling. The easy-to-use, inexpensive to maintain ROLLERFORKS®/Push-Pull is very affordable. This patented innovation combines the cost saving benefits of ROLLERFORKS® with proven push-pull technology creating a revolutionary pallet-less handling solution. The RollerForks are used to retrieve single stacked pallet-less goods straight from the floor for deposit onto pallets or trailers. When slipsheeted loads must be removed from pallets or when double-stacked slipsheeted loads must be separated, the hydraulic “pull function” is used to pull the load onto the RollerForks. The sheet gripper can then be released allowing the load to be placed onto a pallet or the floor. The forklift simply backs away and the RollerForks glide out from under the goods.