Pac Machinery Motorized Adjustable Height Stand for Tabletop Baggers

PAC Machinery introduces a new motorized adjustable height stand for tabletop baggers

PAC Machinery, a provider of packaging for more than 60 years, has introduced new bagger accessories and resources that make bagging with tabletop automatic baggers even better!

They have announced a new Motorized Adjustable Height Stand for automatic tabletop-style bagging machines. This new motorized stand adjusts the bagger height from 22 to 34 inches. This allows the operator to adjust the bagger’s seal height/loading height to best suit the operator and is more ergonomic than PAC’s fixed height stand. Effortlessly adjust the tabletop bagger’s height with the push of a button. Place it anywhere in a facility near an electrical outlet. This stand is ideal for PAC Machinery models Rollbag R785R1275, and R1285.

Using the new motorized adjustable height stand, allows the user to also add PAC’s Motorized Conveyor (see options section). Bags drop down from the bagger onto the stainless conveyor that gets placed in front of the bagger. Products travel up the adjustable incline section which has a height of approximately 35”. Conveyor is available in 10″ & 16″ widths.

The new Motorized Adjustable Height Stand also allows the operator to use the  Weigh Count Sorting Table to count and bag specific item quantities or weights – that is ideal for small parts packaging.

Two New downloadable resources are now available on our website. Download our NEW bags brochure to see our wide selection of custom bags for your bagger and our NEW Stock Bags download is also a great resource!