Orbital Stretch Wrapper manufacturer introduces upgraded safety control package

New package adds automated safety scanners to TAB Wrapper Tornado

Orbital wrapper manufacturer TAB Industries, LLC, has introduced an upgraded safety control package. Available as an option on the company’s TAB Wrapper Tornado Smart Controls orbital wrapping machines, the new upgraded safety control package adds the company’s automated Safety Scanners, bumper guards, and accessories at a discounted price versus the individual add-ons. The Safety Scanners create an invisible field emanating in a 180-degree arc from both the front and back of the machine that allows forklifts to pass but automatically stops the wrapping machine if a worker enters the field. The scanners are set within the bumper guards, which protect the stretch wrapper from accidental contact with lift trucks.

Available on TAB Wrapper Tornado Smart Controls models with the standard 80-inch, 100-inch, and 115-inch wrapping rings, the Upgraded Safety Control Package accommodates 480V electrical service and may be retrofit onto Smart Controls wrapping machines in the field. The patented smart controls pallet wrapping machines automatically apply stretch wrap 360 degrees around and under a pallet and load to create a stable, secure, unitized load in 30 seconds or less without boxes, crates, or banding.

The stretch wrap machines are designed and manufactured at the company’s Reading, Pa. headquarters and delivered with the worker safety upgrade pre-installed, tested, and ready to operate. A full warranty is included.