New Beumer mobile bag tester

BEUMER Group, provider of palletizing and packaging systems, has introduced the BEUMER Bag Tester which offers easy, in-field testing of the air permeability of any kind of valve bag, including all paper and plastic layers, and glued areas.

Designed for mobile use, the lightweight bag tester weighs 14 kg and is stored in a wheeled hard-top case for portability and durability. 

Data collected by the BEUMER bag tester is important information for the filling procedure. Parameters determined by testing can be used to improve the manufacture of bags and assist in the selection of specific types of valve bags to optimize filling machine performance. The BEUMER bag tester provides a reliable check of bag conformity to specifications.

BEUMER’s mobile bag tester features a filling spout with an inflatable sleeve that seals the bag valve during the air flow measurements. An additional inflatable sleeve is included for valve widths of up to 160 mm. A pressure-compensated flow control valve constantly increases the volume flow rate until a steady pressure of 50 mbar is reached. The bag tester’s digital display shows the volume flow rate, providing a precise indication of air permeability.

The BEUMER bag tester is applicable to the manufacturing of bags, filling technology, and transport and logistics. Features are: weighs 14 kg; measures 425mmW x 560mmH x 245 mmD; air supply of 6 to 10 bar; measuring range of 30 to 3000 l/min. It can be used quickly and easily after a brief training.