KOHLER launches new line of batteries for Generator applications

KOHLER is introducing a comprehensive lineup of high-performance batteries specifically designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial power generators. The new KOHLER Genuine Batteries are engineered to deliver optimal performance in generator applications, helping end users to minimize the unplanned maintenance costs associated with battery underperformance and frequent replacement.

“Batteries are an integral part of a generator system. Having a strong, reliable battery is one of the most critical components to ensure your generator is able to start and provide power in an emergency,” said Vito Minneci, Vice President of Global Parts and Service for Kohler Power Systems. “KOHLER Genuine Batteries feature modern, inline solid-cast construction with precision automated welds to ensure best-available performance and reliability and deliver unmatched longevity and durability.”

The new KOHLER Genuine Batteries are available in three performance levels – standard-duty, optimum-duty and heavy-duty. The standard-duty batteries are ideal for mobile generators and other smaller-sized units, the optimum-duty batteries are well suited to critical-starting applications, and the heavy-duty batteries are designed for extreme temperatures, high vibration and frequent-use applications. All three performance levels encompass batteries within the most widely utilized BCI groups.

“We’re pleased to offer this new aftermarket battery program in support of our distribution network – and their customers – throughout the United States and Canada,” said Patricio Iligaray, Director of Aftermarket Parts for Kohler Power Systems. “Our new batteries are manufactured and designed specifically for our generators to support the most demanding applications. We feel very strongly about this new product line and how it will have a positive impact in the market.”