Kassow Robots BlueBay Automation Automate Demo 800

Kassow Robots to demonstrate KR1805 7-Axis Cobot and Cobot applications at Automate 2022

Kassow Robots, a developer of 7-axis cobots for machine tending, material handling, and related applications, will feature cobot bin picking and quality control demonstrations at Booth 1452 at Automate, June 6-9 in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Visit the Kassow Robots booth to see the company’s KR series of 7-axis cobots in action. In addition to the bin picking and quality control demonstrations, the KR1805 will showcase its speed, strength, and 1800-mm reach.

7-axis Cobots Improve 3D Bin Picking

Kassow Robots will collaborate with partner BlueBay Automation to demonstrate how 7-axis cobots can improve 3D bin picking. The KR810 7-axis cobot will be paired with the PickIt L-HD 3D vision system and OnRobot VGC10 customizable vacuum gripper to demonstrate how the seventh axis allows the system to reach objects positioned in corners, close to the robot, or in hard-to-reach places. Attendees can also see how easy the cobot is to program and integrate into a system.

“The added maneuverability gained from the seventh axis, combined with the wide range of reach and payload of the KR series, provides a unique solution in the collaborative market,” says Pierre de Giorgio, CEO of BlueBay Automation.

Inspect Complicated Parts from Many Angles

Kassow Robots partner Industrial Control will also show how cobots can be used in quality control applications. The demonstration will feature the KR810 7-axis cobot and an LMI Technologies Gocator 3D camera performing non-contact part inspections using 3D machine vision technology. Placing the camera on the robot arm allows the system to inspect highly complicated parts from many angles and create a 3D point cloud for inspection.

“Kassow Robots’ terrific 7-axis lightweight cobots offer incredible opportunities to Industrial Control’s end customers in the industry,” says Mark Ermatinger, CEO of Industrial Control.

Automate Repetitive Tasks with Lightweight Cobots

The KR series of five lightweight cobots can handle payloads up to 18 kg and reach up to 1800 mm, allowing customers to automate a variety of physically demanding and/or repetitive tasks. The seventh axis enables continuous dispensing, welding, and material removal applications, regardless of access angle, and without the need to reorient the arm. The cobots are perfect for limited-space retrofits and applications such as machine tending, pick-and-place tasks, quality inspection, and palletizing. No in-depth programming knowledge is required to operate the cobots, allowing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) without robotics specialists to implement automation and programming cost-effectively and independently.

Kassow Robots made its first public appearance in 2018, and in late April 2022, Bosch Rexroth became the company’s new majority owner. Founder Kristian Kassow is now co-owner and continues to serve as CEO of Kassow Robots.