JW Speaker introduces an innovative new material handling light

 J.W. Speaker announced a material handling worklight with a unique beam pattern that prevents the light from creating glare! Some forklift (lift truck) operators have found that mounting general purpose worklights to their forklifts causes light to reflect off of the uprights, which can obstruct their view. J.W. Speaker’s new version of the Model 840 XD features a beam pattern which is specifically designed to prevent this while providing ample illumination. The two new versions of the light, a right-hand version and a left-hand version, would be mounted on a single forklift (left-hand on the left, right-hand on the right). Their beam patterns cut off at the center to illuminate everything except the uprights. The Model 840 XD is designed to be bright, durable, and reliable, and comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.