J.W. Winco now offers stainless steel square weldable cam action indexing plungers

J.W. Winco, Inc., supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced it now offers GN 612.3 Stainless Steel Square Weldable Cam Action Indexing Plungers.

These RoHS compliant cam action indexing plungers are best utilized when the pin needs to be retracted. When the lever arm is rotated 180°, the pin retracts into the indexing plunger housing. Grooves exist so the plunger pin can be held in both the non-retracted and retracted positions.

The square body can therefore be welded in any required position. In order to prevent a change in the spring load by the transferred heat of welding, spot welding the plunger body is recommended. The plastic ribbed sleeve, with maximum heat resistance of 110°C (230°F), offers an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable finger grip.

The housing, plunger pin, and spring are all stainless steel, while the optional and non-removable plastic sleeve is matte black technopolymer plastic.