Integrated in-vehicle and outdoor video surveillance solutions

Advantech is pleased to announce its new ARK-V in-vehicle and ARK-S surveillance Full-HD/HD NVR solutions. The ARK-V and ARK-S series feature a fully integrated, certified hardware and intelligent management software design. ARK-V series has in-vehicle power (9~36Vdc, ISO-7637-2), in-vehicle certifications (E-Mark, IEC-60721-3-5 5M3) and well-developed vehicle software SDK and APIs for space-critical in-vehicle applications. It also provides extension capability and wireless communication (GPS/G-sensor/Wi-Fi/3G/CANBus) for excellent connectivity, high graphics power (up to 1080p/720p @120fps) for video capture, and integrated software for manageability and security. When it comes to developing in-vehicle and outdoor video surveillance applications, proven Advantech hardware systems, along with confirmed compatible software, reduce difficulties and put system integrators ahead of their competition.

Certified in-vehicle, safety, and rugged solutions
For outdoor and rugged environments, vehicle vibration and shock resistance capabilities for these new systems are certified at IEC-60721-3-5 5M3, a protection level higher than MIL-STD-810F. With regard to vehicle standards and certifications, ARK-V series boasts vehicle power design certified by E-mark and ISO-7637-2. Both series have also garnered various safety certifications including CE, FCC, CCC, UL, BSMI and CB and can therefore be marketed in countries that observe strict safety standards.

Well-developed vehicle and surveillance SDK and APIs
Offering hardware excellence combined with Advantech’s rich software resources, ARK-V and ARK-S series are integrated platforms for developing in-vehicle and video surveillance solutions. Each ARK-V/S series unit comes with Advantech SUSIAccess software support that provides a well-developed SDK and APIs. These add-ons let system integrators conveniently develop their own remote monitoring and control functions, vehicle ignition management, VMS, and peripheral connection management such as wireless modules, PoE status, GPS, and G-sensor.

Multi-expansion for diverse scenarios
ARK-V and ARK-S series provide support for up to four Mini-PCIe slots including 3G/Wi-Fi/CANbus and mSATA. For example, in public bus information systems, a built-in CANBus module helps connect the vehicle to provide vehicle status information such as driving speed, gear use, braking, fuel usage, and so on. Such information is also valuable in determining responsibility or liability in traffic incidents. With a 3G module and SIM cards, it can provide 3G voice communication for eCall applications. This function helps driver and traffic center communicate which is especially valuable when conditions are urgent.

ARK-V and ARK-S series are excellent platform-ready choices that improve efficiency and accelerate the implementation of in-vehicle and video surveillance applications.