I.D. Systems introduces PowerFleet Essence

I.D. Systems, Inc. , a provider of enterprise asset management technology, has announced the launch of PowerFleet Essence, a new class of industrial truck telematics platforms aimed at small to medium sized fleets used in manufacturing, distribution, logistics and retail centers. PowerFleet Essence is being introduced at the National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Houston, Texas on October 22-24 and will be commercially available, in volume, in early November.

PowerFleet Essence offers an ideal blend of size, ease of installation, ease of use, management and value. PowerFleet Essence is particularly suited for installations previously hindered by cost, complexity, IT networking and integration requirements. The PowerFleet Essence consists of the OC53 operator console mounted on the industrial truck and the PowerFleet Control Center app downloaded to an iPad or iPhone. The system communicates using a Bluetooth direct connection, so it does not require complicated IT support or Wi-Fi networking. This same platform can also secure and track construction heavy equipment.

Physical installation of the OC53 hardware is simplified. Communication with the PowerFleet Control Center application works out-of-the-box, and industrial truck data is collected automatically while in range of any app-enabled Bluetooth device, then displayed and managed in the intuitive, “self-service” PowerFleet Control Center app. As an added bonus, PowerFleet Essence can be configured to support different languages to simplify operator comprehension, adoption and action. Initial support includes English, Spanish, French and German.

PowerFleet Essence ensures site managers in warehouse, manufacturing, distribution and retail environments at any scale can know that only certified operators are using their equipment, when they have completed required safety inspections, and how their equipment is operated to reap the savings of safer industrial truck operations. Peace of mind at an affordable price – that’s PowerFleet Essence.

 “PowerFleet Essence marks a true leap forward to making telematics available for every fleet, regardless of size, budget or technical sophistication,” stated Mark Stanton, Vice President and General Manager of I.D. Systems’ PowerFleet division. “There are more than 10 million industrial trucks globally, and the vast majority are in mid-to-small fleets. As a solution designed for this underserved market, PowerFleet Essence hits the opportunity head on.”

 “With PowerFleet Essence, we are excited to be launching the first of many leading telematics innovations under the new PowerFleet banner,” added Stanton. “With the addition of PowerFleet Essence to I.D. Systems’ offerings, we have the right price/performance telematics solutions for customers of any size and budget.”