Hyster® J155-190XNL Hyster® J155-190XNL

Hyster wins award for high-capacity electric forklift

The Hyster® J155-190XNL, a high-capacity lift truck series powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery pack, is a winner of the prestigious 2021 GOOD DESIGN Award. The truck is the first sit-down counterbalanced lift truck in the 15,500-to-19,000-pound load capacity range powered by a factory-integrated 350-volt lithium-ion battery, offering a zero-emission alternative with performance comparable to the internal combustion engines typically used in high-capacity applications.

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Martin Boyd

“Heavy-duty operations have traditionally relied on lift trucks powered by either propane or diesel engines, but increasingly stringent government legislation and the market’s greater focus on environmental sustainability are making electric equipment an increasingly appealing option for many,” says Martin Boyd, Vice President, Product Planning and Solutions, Hyster Company. “The J155-190XNL makes lithium-ion power accessible to a greater range of customers and operations, providing the high performance they expect while simultaneously supporting their initiatives for carbon footprint reductions.”

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Hyster® J155-190XNL

The lithium-ion battery pack offers consistent power delivery throughout the charge, with no performance degradation as battery life declines. The sealed lithium-ion battery pack requires no regular maintenance, offers a longer battery life than lead-acid batteries, and can fully charge in less than 90 minutes. Truck operators can also opportunity charge the battery for short periods of time whenever convenient, which can help increase truck run time.

The J155-190XNL can work in both indoor and outdoor applications, designed for the demanding duty cycles of industries like lumber, automotive, metals, paper, and more. The ability to work in a range of conditions helps operations maintain a lean lift truck fleet by preventing the need for extra lift trucks used only for certain environments.

The J155-190XNL series is part of the Hyster lineup of factory-integrated lithium-ion lift trucks, drawing on the company’s decades-long history of developing electric options. That lineup also includes trucks with even higher capacities, up to 36,000 pounds, and models that re-imagine the traditional counterbalanced lift truck design to take advantage of the lighter, smaller size of a lithium-ion battery, producing a more spacious operator compartment, lower truck weight, and center of gravity, and more.