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Hydra Smooth reduces rough rides and equipment wear

Hydra Smooth introduces a way to reduce maintenance down-time, cuts expenses thanks to longer part life and prevents operator fatigue when forklifts are fitted with Hydra Smooth.

Ride easy with less vibration.  These are not words usually associated with lift truck truck ownership.  The unique Hydra Smooth® changes all of that.  Engineered to reduce wear and tear on both equipment and operator, Hydra Smooth turns your lift cylinders into a shock absorber system.

Hydra Smooth engineering results“Our product is great for lift trucks especially electric powered trucks!” says owner James Brow.  “Hydra Smooth cushions the electric panel, traction motor, power steering pump, hydraulic pump and expensive battery. This saves abuse on circuit boards and lessons down time due to loose connections on wiring, fasteners and power cables.” added Brow.

Hyrad Smooth product in lift truckEach Hydra Smooth model is engineered for safety and long life and utilize a 4 to 1 safety factor on burst pressure.  Tubes are honed to a 3 to 5 RMS finish and pistons ride on teflon guide rings, eliminating metal and metal contact.  Finish coated with unleaded paint.

Designed to fit a variety of lift trucks from a number of manufacturers, the Hydra Smooth comes in four size categories:

  • HS-50          Tilt Cylinder
  • HS-100        3,000 lb. – 12,000 lb. Lift Trucks
  • HS-200       13,000 lb. – 50,000 lb. Lift Trucks
  • HS-300       50,000 lb. – 100,000 lb. Lift Trucks

Hydra Smooth is looking for manufacturers and dealers to show how their products can protect their investment.  James can be reach by calling 417 581-1373.