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Honeywell Intelligrated Momentum Warehouse Execution System

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Every day, your fulfillment requirements become more complex. As customer expectations rise and cycle times get shorter, your business is under continuous pressure to meet delivery schedules and protect profit margins. As you look for ways to improve efficiencies, automate manual processes and fully optimize fulfillment operations, you’re left with an exceedingly complex environment.

Momentum™ is a full-featured warehouse execution system (WES) designed to greatly simplify e-commerce fulfillment, store replenishment and wholesale distribution center operations. Realizing the full promise of a WES, Momentum is built on a single software platform to reduce unsupportable, one-off customizations and allow you to select only the functions you need to meet your unique operational requirements.

As the industry’s only clean-sheet approach to WES software, Momentum incorporates multiple warehouse functionalities into a common code base. Through seamless integration of sensors, controls, automation, orders and labor, Momentum connects DC workflows to give you real-time order fulfillment status and greater visibility to in-process work.

Momentum is purpose-built for modern retail challenges, offering unparalleled configurability, stability and extensibility to help you run your operations the way you know best. Regardless of your current automation requirements or long-term objectives, Momentum allows you to boost productivity within your current operation while effortlessly scaling with the demands of the future.

Most importantly, Momentum simplifies complex fulfillment operations via a central platform for running, coordinating and managing every aspect of your operations, while equipping your business with the intelligence to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

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