GRI debuts one of the widest industrial solid tires

From factories to warehouses to logistic centers and ports, GRI offers industrial tires for various applications. Benefited from wide industry experience and expertise, GRI tires are designed, developed and produced at one of the newest manufacturing plants in the nation. Equipped with state of art production equipment and top of the line operating procedures, GRI’s solid tire plant has the capacity to manufacture over 400,000 tires annually.

GLOBESTAR was the first tire to be produced at GRI in 2002. It was with this universally appealing tire that GRI successfully entered and captured the global market. GLOBESTAR will forever be the tire that started it all and the tire that brought GRI over one and a half decades of opportunity, accomplishment and pride.

With the advancement of industry needs and to lift GLOBESTAR into the next-generation, GLOBESTAR Wide Tread (WT) was conceptualized by GRI owing to diligent observation in the market and listening to customer feedback. When GRI identified the need for a wider industrial tire, team GRI took the initiative to embark on yet another pioneering endeavor.

Through research and analysis of the global market, GRI found that the industrial tire market, specifically Asia, had an increasing need for wide tires to support demands of high load carrying capacity, extensive tire life and assurance towards tire stability. GLOBESTAR WT is designed to be a truly universal solid tire that consistently delivers a high- level of functionality. It is designed and developed to be one of the widest tires in the industry.

The GLOBESTAR WT tread compound is formulated and developed with decades of industry experience and expertise. Its compound comprises of high quality raw material including Sri Lankan natural rubber that ensures high abrasion resistance and extensive durability. The tire is further enhanced with low heat build-up and high chipping and chunking resistance. GLOBESTAR WT further provides effective cushioning to both the driver and the machine.

There are many different tire tread patterns in the industry that serve different purposes. GRI instigated a modern and distinctive tread pattern that has proved to deliver assured performance to the user. The unique design of the GLOBESTAR WT tread was fabricated to add increased traction in a wide variety of surface conditions. The design also supports the requirement of increased stability. GLOBESTAR WT tread lug depth, lug gaps,  ircumferential lateral groves and other unique design features ensure that tire runs with minimum noise and outstanding lateral guidance.

Whenever a forklift turns, its tires must overcome the lateral forces that are generated, making it better able to resist cornering forces. The tread width of GLOBESTAR WT provides higher contact area and lower tire distortion when turning and sharp cornering. By increasing the overall tread-width of the tire, GRI has accomplished a sense of restored steadiness in standard material handling applications.

GLOBESTAR WT was designed and developed to ensure assured performance in normal working conditions, it is the ideal tire that offers the user greater cost efficiency. It is also the perfect tire for increased stability, endurance and durability. GRI prides itself in the delivery of high-performance solid tires, and GLOBESTAR WT has taken GRI’s portfolio of solid industrial tires to the next level.