Graphic user interface makes door control safer & easier

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) by Rite-Hite is an easy-to-operate door control box that enhances worker safety and provides real-time data. The new interface uses low voltage connections from the larger junction box near the motor to provide access to door settings without the risk of arc flash – eliminating the need for workers to wear personal protective equipment when making adjustments or troubleshooting.

The Graphic User Interface system features a 7-inch, color LCD touch screen with easily understood icons and descriptions regarding adjustments. Intuitive graphics and design make troubleshooting simple for workers. The panel also provides instant data on the door, including number of cycles and average cycle time per opening and closing. It can be integrated with many building management systems to provide further operational efficiencies in a facility. The GUI also supports multiple languages.

“Not only is the GUI’s 7-inch screen an aesthetic upgrade over traditional door control boxes, it’s a major improvement in functionality and operability,” said Jon Schumacher, Rite-Hite Doors marketing director. “The GUI goes beyond Rite-Hite’s core safety mission by providing actionable data monitoring.”

Don’t be fooled by the product’s sleek design; the GUI is built to last. The plastic NEMA 4X enclosure is designed for any application – from interior or exterior use to wash-down areas, coolers and freezers. The control box is pre-wired, factory tested and can be used on any Rite-Hite door with an i-COMM III digital control and encoder. It’s wireless interlock capabilities reduces the cost and complexity of hardwired interlocks.