Fairbanks Scales announces NexWeigh stainless steel bench scales

Fairbanks Scales announces NexWeigh stainless steel bench scales

Fairbanks Scales, Inc. announces the availability of NexWeigh Stainless Steel bench scales for the food processing industry. This scale was designed to protect our business partners in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. It’s easy-to-clean and keep-clean design exceeds all other weighing products.

Featuring a robust and durable stainless steel construction, the stainless steel bench scale was designed with no product or liquid collection points and can be cleaned to a microbial level. The NexWeigh Instrument’s unique GORE-TEX™ vent keeps water out, while allowing pressure and gasses inside the instrument to escape, additionally it features a specially designed overlay which resists punctures and abrasive cleaning agents. Working in tandem with Ecolab, Fairbanks created a defined cleaning protocol to guarantee food safety by ensuring the equipment remains cleaned and sterilized.

Boasting the most visible display in the industry, the NexWeigh instrument has larger than average digits and amber LEDs proven to reduce eye strain. The NexWeigh instrument works with a variety of Fairbanks’ stainless steel bench scale platforms and pillars, as well as numerous other analog platforms.

The NexWeigh instrument is available in several configurations to meet the varying needs of the food processing industry. NexWeigh IP69K is specifically designed for high-pressure, high-temperature washdown applications in the food processing industry, including batching, filling, and process control. The NexWeigh NEMA 4x model is perfect for dry to moderate-washdown food and beverage applications, including checkweighing and manual batching. An optional factory-installed Ethernet TCP/IP module provides weight information to a network, allowing for detailed remote control of instrument functions.

The NexWeigh is filled with useful operational features, including four programmable checkweigh ranges, a peak hold feature to capture the highest recorded weight, and seven LED intensity settings, as well as multi-point calibration, and three remote switches.