ENA Solutions debuts first smart Thermostat designed exclusively for Industrial, Commercial buildings

Building controls manufacturer ENA Solution has announced the launch of a smart thermostat designed specifically for manufacturers, distributors, and commercial building operators. Its ENASTAT thermostat combines the simple, user-friendly features of smart home thermostats with the industrial design required to stand up to the harshest environments.

Ramin Tajallipour headshot

Ramin Tajallipour

Focusing on industrial and commercial customers was a conscious decision, says ENA Solution Co-Founder and Director Ramin Tajallipour. “Smart thermostats have become commonplace in our homes over the past decade, but businesses continue to be forced to choose between six-figure building management systems or residential thermostats not designed for the requirements of building operators.”

ENASTAT includes features familiar in smart home thermostats, such as app-based controls, smart scheduling, and zone setup. Beyond those, Tajallipour and his design team developed a thermostat to solve the most frustrating issues experienced by industrial and commercial building operators.

“For starters, the common thermostat’s glass touch screen doesn’t hold up well in these high-traffic, high-touch environments,” Tajallipour points out. “So we created a ‘faceless’ design to avoid tampering—either by guests or employees—altogether.”

In addition to its ruggedized industrial design, ENASTAT also features universal voltage compatibility, internal backup batteries, both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, and an array of sensors that measure both temperature and humidity for the most precise climate control. Its app-based software allows maintenance managers to easily authorize additional users and offers advanced HVAC analytics for effortless maintenance. A large Canadian oil and gas manufacturer testing the device used the analytics to save an average of 10% on its heating bills with 39% savings during the coldest month of the year.

ENASTAT’s advanced features also helped the manager discover issues with the facility’s insulation, leading to even more energy savings.