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ELOKON to launch Smartphone-based Forklift Fleet Management and Safety Solutions in U.S.

World’s most app-centric forklift fleet management system will debut at ProMat trade show

ELOKON, a global leader in lift truck safety technology, has reimagined its ELOfleet™ forklift fleet management system as an app-based solution. The app can be installed on virtually any Android device, making it easier and more cost-effective to control forklift access, perform safety checklists, monitor vehicle impacts, and manage forklift fleet data.

ELOKON, headquartered in Germany with U.S. offices in Atlanta, will demonstrate ELOfleet and other forklift safety solutions at Promat, North America’s premiere material handling industry event, April 8 – 11, 2019, in Chicago. The company will demonstrate its products at booth S3585, and also conduct a seminar on trends in Eurpoean material handling technology.

“Our new ELOfleet app is a game-changing advance in forklift management,” said ELOKON Managing Director Alexander Glasmacher. “We are very excited to introduce this groundbreaking product to the North American market, alongside our other award-winning forklift safety systems.”

More about App-based Forklift Fleet Management

The ELOfleet solution — installed on an Android smartphone, tablet or WMS terminal — incorporates many innovative features:

  • App-based access control — drivers login into lift trucks via the Android device’s RFID reader
  • App-managed safety checklists — operators complete checklists on the Android device
  • Advanced MEMS impact sensor — reports reliable impact data in real-time through app
  • Bluetooth sensors and “black box” technology — installs easily, quickly and cost-effectively
  • Wireless network communication via device’s existing cellular/WiFi — set-up is simple
  • Clean, intuitive, web-based dashboards with drill-down reporting — analyzes a wide range of lift truck data with key performance indicators (KPIs)

ELOfleet is OEM-independent and can be installed on any type of industrial truck, so it is ideal for mixed fleets. But it also provides a simpler, more cost-effective alternative for managing single-brand fleets. Customers can easily customize their own branded versions of ELOfleet, with their own individualized safety messages.

ELOfleet software can be installed in the cloud, making it easy to manage and analyze data across multiple sites, or on a local server inside a customer’s firewall.

ELOshield Forklift Driver-Assistance System helps avoid collisions

At the Promat show, ELOKON will also demonstrate its ELOshield™ forklift accident-avoidance system. Using UWB sensor technology and uniquely adjustable object-detection zones, ELOshield helps prevent forklift-pedestrian and forklift-forklift collisions. This solution won a North American Innovation Award in 2018, as well multiple European design and safety awards.

New for this year, ELOshield adds a Smart Safety Vest for pedestrians. This bright-yellow, LED-lit vest integrates advanced sensors to keep floor workers safe around lift trucks. For example, it contains a “man-down” sensor, emergency pull-cord, and acoustic and vibration alarms. In addition, the vest recharges wirelessly and, in the event of an incident, can trigger automatic emails to alert management.

A fixed-site version of ELOshield monitors accident-prone areas, like high-traffic aisle intersections. A mobile version monitors zones of up to 50 feet around moving vehicles. These zones can be flexibly programmed as circles, rectangles or asymmetrical polygons. Two zones, representing “warning” and “danger” risks, can trigger different system reactions automatically.

ELOprotectPRO Automatic Safety System for VNA Lift Trucks

Another ELOKON lift truck safety system, ELOprotectPRO™, will show off enhanced capabilities at Promat. This laser-based collision-avoidance system is designed specifically for very narrow aisle (VNA) lift trucks. Already an award-winning product in Europe, the new version of ELOprotect extends its object-detection range almost 30% — to approximately 30 feet — which enables faster truck speeds and greater productivity.

The system also allows more than one lift truck to operate in the same aisle at the same time, further boosting productivity in VNA warehouses.

In addition, the latest ELOprotect hardware is smaller, with improved environmental protection, which allows the system to be integrated more easily on all brands of VNA lift trucks