Dodge Data & Analytics launches PlanRoom service for construction contractor and subcontractor community

Dodge Data & Analytics launches PlanRoom service for construction contractor and subcontractor community

Dodge Data & Analytics has launched Dodge PlanRoom, an online service for contractors and subcontractors to store, manage, and share plans, specifications, and other construction documentation. Dodge PlanRoom is designed to support construction-specific workflows such as evaluating potential projects by quickly reviewing linked plans, sections and elevations. 

Through optional integration with Dodge Global Network, the largest, most comprehensive source of information on construction projects in North America, contractors can quickly search and view projects to find the ones most suitable for them. Users can also add their own projects or participate in private projects they are invited to by owners and other contractors. 

“Dodge data is a crown jewel in the AEC technology landscape and we’re on a mission to unlock the value in our data for all industry participants,” said Mike Petrullo, CEO of Dodge Data & Analytics.  “PlanRoom is a great example of this by making Dodge data seamlessly available for contractors and trades to find and win new work, without the need for expensive, complicated packages.  We also see tremendous potential for Dodge data to benefit other AEC processes and workflow tools, from both Dodge and other technology providers.”

By helping to make relevant project documentation available in a single, secure repository, PlanRoom allows the whole project team – general contractors, subcontractors and trades, manufacturers, distributors and service providers – to collaborate throughout the entire project lifecycle. Simplified project syncing means that the team can avoid the headaches and delays caused by working with out-of-date information. And version control ensures a document record that allows contractors to track history and pinpoint plan changes when necessary.

“Viewing project information and documents with Dodge PlanRoom is easier and faster than any other product we have used,” said Matthew J. Brennan, Chief Executive Officer, Loveland Excavating and Paving, Inc., in Fairfield, Ohio.

PlanRoom is available in multiple tiers, all of which offer access to unlimited users on a project. The basic level is available free and comes with storage of up to five projects at a time. Subsequent tiers offer increased storage for low monthly fees.