Custom drive solutions designed using standard products

A full line of standard shaft collars, hub clamps, coupling adapters and related products that permit custom design solutions for automation equipment, conveyor systems, process and packaging equipment and machinery is available from Stafford Manufacturing Corp. of Wilmington, Massachusetts. Stafford Custom Drive Solutions let machine builders meet numerous design challenges using standard off-the-shelf products which eliminates the need for special ordering in many situations.  They include dual-keyed couplings for joining unsupported shafts, adapters for connecting dissimilar shafts, flange collars for securely mounting shafts, hub clamps, phase adjusters and encoder collars for sensing shaft rotation. Available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel in 1/8” to 10” I.D. sizes, depending upon the part, Stafford Custom Drive Solutions’ standard aluminum parts can be anodized and steel parts are offered with a variety of finishes.  Collars, couplings and other catalog parts are offered made from ANSI 1018 machineable and weldable steels.