C-5 Series Cushion Tire 4,000 - 6,500 lb Forklift

Crown Equipment introduces diesel option to successful C-5 Series of Lift Trucks

Crown Equipment Corporation, introduced a diesel option to the groundbreaking Crown C-5 Series. Crown launched the series in 2009 as the company’s first internal combustion line of industrial pneumatic and cushion tire forklifts. 

The new Crown C-5 diesel forklift, available in 5,000- and 6,500-lb. lifting capacities, features a 2.5-liter industrial engine designed for Crown by Kohler. The C-5 Series continues to offer the Crown designed and manufactured industrial LPG engine in 4,000-, 5,000-, 6,000-and 6,500-lb. capacities. 

C-5 Series Cushion Tire image“The new diesel C-5 follows the lead of the C-5 LPG model, with an industrial, heavy-duty Kohler engine, opening the series to an even broader range of customers that require maximum durability, long-lasting reliability and operator comfort in demanding environments,” Rob Chaney, C-5 marketing product manager, said. “The diesel C-5 is an ideal outdoor truck for foundries, lumber and masonry yards, scrap-waste-recycling businesses, manufacturing logistics, and any other operations that have diesel fuel on site for delivery truck fleets.” 

“The complete C-5 Series offers a high-performance powertrain, precise cooling, ergonomic design for operator comfort, and stability,” he added. 

Crown backs the primary features of the durable, ruggedly designed and manufactured C-5 Series forklifts with three-year/6,000-hour warranties. These warranties cover the powertrain, including the engine (diesel and LPG) and transaxle; exclusive Crown power brakes; the chassis, formed from heavy-duty ¾-inch steel, reinforced at high-stress areas; and Crown’s industrial dual radiator made of heavy-gauge aluminum. The dual radiators, one for the engine and one for the transmission, are designed with large openings to reduce clogging for ultimate protection in dirty, dusty environments. 

Crown’s On-Demand Cooling® system, standard in the diesel model and optional in the LPG, adds additional protection for trucks running in dirty and hot applications. This feature controls fan speed independent of engine speed and direction, provides higher airflow during idle and reverses automatically at engine start to clear debris. 

The C-5 is available with a variety of ergonomic features for operator comfort, including:

  • The new optional D4 armrest, which allows easy, comfortable control of hydraulic levers. The armrest can be adjusted, with one hand, to the operator’s desired height and arm length.
  • Comfortable, wide seats, including the Crown FlexSeat®, with a flexible back and replaceable parts; mechanical suspension seat; and a new air-ride suspension seat with heated seat and backrest for optimal comfort
  • An optional 10-inch steering wheel with tiller for tight maneuvering and to provide more space for entering and exiting the truck 

C-5 Series forklifts are designed for easy maintenance, with a service lid on top of the counterweight – available only on the diesel model – to provide access, without tools, to the air filter and cooling system. All C-5 forklifts feature a fully opening seat deck for easy access to the coolant tank and battery. Other maintenance-saving features include a 1,000-hour oil change interval, an engine oil cooler and a gear-driven valve train, taking the place of a timing belt or chain. 

The C-5’s new negative drop mast also is designed to save maintenance time and money, with lower column rollers that can be replaced quickly. Made of strong I-beams, the masts stage smoothly and feature adjustable anti-rattle screws to reduce noise during travel. 

A variety of options are available for special applications, such as debris guards that protect loads in wet environments; air-filled tires, instead of the standard solid pneumatics, for better traction in mud and snow, and to prevent ground compaction; and dual drive tires for greater stability and hauling wide loads.