Conveyor safety: Priceless

Conveyor safety: Priceless

Multi-Conveyor knows that when it comes to conveyor safety, taking a few additional precautionary measures, including spending a few extra dollars, are a worthwhile investment.  Safety, in all aspects, is an important part of Multi-Conveyor’s design consideration. As a user of conveyors, you (the customer) are responsible for compliance with all applicable safety standards in your plant as well.

Factors that Multi-Conveyor automatically considers are motor heat shields, bearing covers, shaft cut-out guards and end caps. Diverters as well as some Star Wheels get additional Lexan guarding. Hinged access doors provide optimum security (see image below).  Access covers are generally designed to require tools to remove; this prevents untrained operators with no tools from getting into dangerous areas of the machine.

Unfortunately, money is a key factor that causes some safety features to be bypassed. This may include pull cords along the conveyor; E-STOP buttons at critical locations; backstops (roll-back protection); both audible and visual start-up warning systems; and lockout/tagout devices.

Preventative maintenance programs are very cost effective, ensuring that all conveyor components are maintained for equipment longevity as well as safety. Prior to service, your trained conveyor personnel should know what they need to check to perform maintenance in a safe manner.

If you’ve purchased a second-hand conveyor or have an older unit that may require safety retrofits, contact your Multi-Conveyor sales representative for assistance.

Although it is completely up to the end-user to determine the safety comfort level and compliance for their individual situation, Multi-Conveyor is prepared to design, build and supply your system with our best efforts. We will continue to advocate safe application, installation and operation, helping ensure your employees are free from harm.