Compact light switch handle

Signaling and indicator lights, switches, and buttons – elements that hardly any machine can do without. The new JW Winco cabinet U-handle EN 6284 integrates all these functions into a single, compact element. The U-handle is designed to enhance the operation of systems and machines. It features an integrated button and a large, colored, backlit area on the back of the handle. These elements can be used individually or in combination, providing a versatile tool for system control and process monitoring.

The EN 6284 prioritizes safety in its design. The two-channel switch element, available in different contact configurations, enhances operational safety. It can handle a wide range of applications with DC and AC voltages from 24 to 240 volts and currents of up to 3 amperes, ensuring compatibility with various systems and machines.

The light element on the back of the handle comprises a form-fitting diffusor made of robust polycarbonate that is tightly attached with an IP 67 protection rating. It homogenously diffuses the light produced by the interior LED module in a variety of colors and brightness levels depending on the activation of the 24-volt RGB matrix. This transforms the handle into a visible status indicator even from the side or from a distance – ideal for large systems operating with small crews. Depending on how it is wired, the light signal can indicate problems in the process, signal regular operation, or show that the system is ready to be opened. The colors and functions can be allocated individually. The extensive documentation and the video tutorial on the JW Winco website offer several possibilities.

JW Winco has taken a holistic approach and provided the illuminated cabinet U-handle with a passive counterpart. The EN 6284.1 has the same shape and material (glass fiber- reinforced polyamide) as its active sibling, allowing for consistent machine design. Speaking of design: This combination of multifunctionality, design, ergonomics, and versatility was awarded the prestigious iF Design Award 2023.