Cat Lift Trucks introduces new series of electric pneumatic tire lift trucks

Cat Lift Trucks introduced the new 2EPC8000-2EP11000 series of electric pneumatic tire lift trucks. With capacities ranging from 8,000-11,000 lbs., the new series features a productivity-enhancing design, premium ergonomics and a 20 percent increase in efficiency over the previous generation. “We’re committed to providing our customers with top-performing and reliable lift truck solutions,” said Steve Rogers, senior product marketing specialist at Cat Lift Trucks. “The new Cat Lift Trucks 2EPC8000-2EP11000 series truly delivers on this commitment in addition to meeting our customer’s high expectations for increased productivity and performance.” Designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications, the new series provides industry-leading performance and efficiency levels. Operations seeking to reduce their business’ overall fuel costs or reduce emissions in their application will also benefit from this new electric forklift series.

Key Features and Benefits:

  •  Improved Energy Performance: The 2EP8000-2EP11000 series sets a clear industry benchmark in high performance and energy efficiency by completing more pallet movement cycles per shift than other competitive forklifts and giving these lift trucks the ability to run up to two shifts on a single battery charge in most applications. These lift trucks also feature a compact component layout within the chassis, which contributes to its overall energy efficiency.
  • Increased Productivity: Reliable planetary drive axles provide added protection to the customer’s investment by helping prevent damage to the lift truck that can be caused by carrying heavy loads. An optional hydraulic accumulator increases productivity by reducing the risk of damage to delicate loads during operation.
  • Premium Ergonomics: The lift trucks feature side battery extraction, spacious cabin with full-suspension seat and full-compartment-length convenience tray, allowing operators to work comfortably throughout their shift.
  • Numerous Model Selections: The 2EPC8000-2EP11000 series provides customers with the flexibility to choose from seven different lift truck models, ranging from 8,000 to 11,000 lb. capacities, as well as compact models with a shorter chassis length.  
  • Available Options: Options such as a joystick unitized hydraulic control, electronic power steering and non-marking solid pneumatic tires make it easy for customers to further customize the lift truck for their application. Other available options include closed cabins, keypad access, cold storage prep and dual pneumatic tires.